Roscommon GAA


Syferus: Sup. Jun 2, 2013 13:04:13 GMT
ros6: Ros SF Team v Mayo: O'Malley;Collins,Carty,McDermott;Keenan,N Daly,C Daly;Higgins,Finneran;Devaney,Mannion,Cregg;D Smith,Kilbride,O'Gara Jun 12, 2013 12:10:30 GMT
thesceptictank: Best of luck to all involved today.. Jun 16, 2013 12:32:24 GMT
theghost: Sweet sufferin Jaysus this site has gone downhill something terrible. Jun 21, 2013 9:10:06 GMT
Syferus: Actually, I think it's better without contributions like your's. Weren't you the lad singling out players and calling them embarrassments? Jun 21, 2013 17:59:04 GMT
theghost: I singled out one player and stand fully by the comment - that player showed complete lack of respect towards the team and supporters on that occasion Jun 26, 2013 20:38:54 GMT
ballycroy: Rossies have to leave before senior throw in,only one set of minnows at a time allowed into the home of the kings of Connact football 45# Jul 9, 2013 18:38:31 GMT
Tonymac: The Mayo troll is ignored/blocked by almost everyone yet hes still craving attention aww... i hope he doesn't die of loneliness. Jul 12, 2013 20:35:45 GMT
ballycroy: Tony honey, why don't you block me? Jul 12, 2013 20:42:09 GMT
obrienwilliam: are you telling us that a Connacht u16 blitz will determine the date of an all Ireland minor 1/4 final Jul 22, 2013 18:02:26 GMT
ballycroy: Just sending my regular postcards from the big smoke on Aug weekend to Rossies with the signature ''you wish you were here'' Aug 3, 2013 14:56:35 GMT
newcomer: did we not play away to cavan and fermanagh this year.?? Oct 17, 2013 4:42:26 GMT
trublu: FOD did not have the quality of player JE has at his disposal and took over the titanic after previous management, yet in his 3 years Jun 21, 2015 21:43:45 GMT